Scent Work Training Journal

Scent Work Training Journal

Scent Work Training Journal

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  • Foundation Sniffing Program, Intro to Odor Program, and Trial Prep Program
  • Length: 49 pages
  • May Download and Print
  • Continual Access to Digital Copy

The Scent Work Training Journal is designed to help you track your progress and create micro-goals for trialing in Scent Work. Use it to take your Scent Work training and trialing to the next level, by keeping yourself honest, noticing what may need work but also how far you and your dog have come!

Not only will you have the opportunity to track the progress in your training, but you will also be able to jot down what happened on trial day! Note what your plan is the day-of, assign some micro-goals and then list how it panned out. Keep yourself in the right frame of mind from when you first pull into the trial site all the way until you drive off to head home.

Separate Training Journal and Trial Day Worksheets are provided which you may print out and complete for you own individual dog.

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