Building an Effective Nosework Training Plan for Instructors Module

Building an Effective Nosework Training Plan for Instructors Module

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One of our jobs as instructors is to help students break down parts of the Nosework picture they may be struggling with into smaller, manageable pieces. This skill, while well known in other sports, is often overlooked when it comes to Nosework. In agility, for example, we wouldn’t expect a dog to be able to string together a long sequence of obstacles without them understanding how to engage the handler, how to take directional cues, and certainly without exposure to individual obstacles. In Nosework, this takes a little more creative thought. 

In this training module, we will begin to unpack how to breakdown advanced concepts into smaller, manageable pieces for our students and develop effective training plans.

NOTE: This module is an additional resource to the Teaching Scent Work Seminar by Dianna L. Santos and Lori Timberlake.


This seminar module has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs.


Should You Take This Seminar

Have you taken or are currently going through the Teaching Scent Work Seminar?

This module provides a deeper dive intro building training plans.

Are you a newer Scent Work instructor?

Think through the training plans you can construct for your clients.

Are you an experienced Scent Work instructor?

Get ideas on how you may improve and build upon the training plans you are putting together for your clients right now.

Scent Work Instructor

Meet the Instructor: Michele Ellertson

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Go through the seminar material at your own pace, enjoy continual access and refer back to it as often as you like. Watch replays of recorded Q&A sessions with the speaker.

- Continual access to seminar material
- May add-on Q&A session at any time

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