The Power of Pairing Webinar

The Power of Pairing Webinar

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Live Webinar: March 19th at 4:30PM PST/7:30PM EST
  • Trial Prep Program
  • Instructor: Tony Gravley
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Continual Access

Are you curious, what is pairing?

“OMG, Pairing!“

Dog training always seem to have controversial training methods and the topic of pairing is no stranger to controversy. The reality is many times the controversial method is not completely understood. Tony’s Webinar on The Power of Pairing will be loaded with far more than how to pair, it will clarify paring as a training technique and go deep into what makes your dog function based upon the instinctual drives of K9s.

Tony will lay out the system he currently uses (scent association via pairing) and has used for over 35 years for police, military, customs and detection dogs operating in a professional capacity. Over the years, Tony has “tweaked” the system for Companion Detection Dog Sports and this system empowers the dog. The system not only unleashes the instinctual behaviors in the dog but turns on their natural problem-solving skills well beyond a dog with an operant mindset.

Tony will explain and clarify the intricate differences between dogs searching out of instinctual behaviors versus operant behaviors, and how the instinctual side lessens fringe and false responses. Additionally, Tony will explain how distractors no longer become a problem and driving to source becomes the norm.

By all means Tony is not the inventor or originator of “pairing”, but Tony’s system is unique and avoids common potential pitfalls. Tony’s Golden Rules about Pairing will bring clarity to not only the dog but for the handler in understanding the dynamics of pairing.

Tony will dive deep into the explanation of inherited drives of a K9 and ensure the handlers understand the “whys” of pairing, not just the "how we do it" explanation.

Perhaps you didn't start by using pairing or have never used pairing before, not a porblem! Tony’s method has been used by countless teams later in their Nose Work career and with epic results completely transforming performance and results.


This webinar has been approved for 2 CEUs.


Join us on March 19th at 4:30PM PST/7:30PM EST for the live webinar to ask Tony questions in real-time and enjoy free, continual access to the webinar replay.


Cannot make the live webinar? No worries! Order the webinar replay and go through the material at your own pace. We fully edit all our live webinars, so the replay will be posted to the Scent Work University by the end of the day on March 20th.


This webinar will be packed with information not only for the newcomers to pairing but for teams that have a solid history of pairing.

Scent Work Instructor

Tony Gravley

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- Ask speaker questions in real-time.
- Free and continual access to replay.
- May email speaker with questions.


- Continual access to the replay.
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- May email speaker with questions.

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