Winter Sniffy Fun Challenge eBook

Winter Sniffy Fun Challenge eBook

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  • Foundation Sniffing Program, Intro to Odor Program, and Advanced Topics Program
  • Length: 107 pages
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While it is true that Scent Work is done in all sorts of weather, it can be difficult to come up with the inspiration to do so in the dead of winter! Never fear, the Winter Sniffy Fun Challenge eBook is here!

In this eBook, we outline 42 unique challenges for handlers to try that are all designed to stretch dog and handler teams while having FUN and staying engaged in the game. 

Each challenge offers three options: the original challenge, an easier modification and a challenging one. Meaning, regardless of the level of your training, we have a challenge for you!

Even better, each challenge may be done using food, paired odor or target odor only hides. YAY!

If you are looking for ways to keep your Scent Work training fun and engaging, especially for your dog, check out this eBook. You will be glad you did!


"Being able to move at own pace.  FB challenges interested me, but came in too rapid of a succession to complete them.  Also like being able to select challenges that fit with our current training goals.  You present many great ideas and having suggestions for different levels of difficulty is perfect!" Franclyn H. - 5 Stars

"The creative challenges and the options for modifications" Leticia S. - 5 Stars

"Easy to understand.  Like the author's sense of humor :)" Connie A. - 5 Stars

Owner and Lead Instructor

Meet the Author: Dianna L. Santos

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