Ep. 7: Now's the Time for Positive Reinforcement

Apr 18, 2020

In these trying times of dealing with COVID-19, stress levels are incredibly high. Now more than ever, we need to apply the concepts of positive reinforcement, not to our dogs, but to ourselves as well. Granting ourselves the permission to try and then noticing and rewarding those attempts, not matter how small and incremental they may be.

This includes not only how we get through our daily life but also how and when we are interacting with, or training, our dogs. Simply because there may be a stay-at-home order doesn't therefore guarantee you will master all of your dog training goals during this time. Just the opposite. It is extremely likely you will be LESS inclined to work with and train your dog - and that is okay. Please be kind and forgiving to both yourself and your pups.

We hope this episode can cause people to reevaluate how they may be approaching this difficult time and in doing so, help lessen their load even just a little bit.


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